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Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) decreases tinnitus distress and improves the quality of life for those suffering from persistent tinnitus. Neurotherapy and other types of biofeedback training help you learn to regulate limbic system and autonomic nervous system responses so that you can shift focus and learn to ignore tinnitus. In combination, these two complimentary approaches can result in a gradual decrease in perception of tinnitus sounds over time. Take a look at Managing Tinnitus with CBT and Neurotherapy from the August 1, 2015 meeting of the Atlanta Tinnitus Support Group for more information about how CBT and neurotherapy can help tinnitus, hyperacusis, and misophonia.

Dr. Rhodes is authorized by Casey Family Programs to provide comprehensive training on the Casey Foster Family Assessments .

Learn how to use the Casey Foster Family Assessments to improve engagement and decision-making processes for foster and adoptive parents. This comprehensive, interactive, hands-on training is available in one or two parts. Workshops can be tailored for small and large groups. Dr. Rhodes can format delivery in a manner that is cost effective and practical for your agency. She also provides guidance about how to get started using the tools in your organization. Participants can earn up to 12 CEU credits.

CFFA Part 1 prepares participants to use this evidence based practice tool in direct practice. Participants will learn how to: engage foster parents through the assessment process, use CFFA online format, prepare foster parents to accurately complete online assessments, answer common questions about the CFFA, interpret the CFFA results, and use results to strengthen foster families.

CFFA Part 2
Participants work on interviewing skills, key components of assessment, deciding which tools to use, and developing a protocol for assessment. Participants will gain further confidence to use the CFFA in practice and be able to help and support others use the tools.

Recent Workshops on Foster Care

Ability to Handle Challenges Situations in Fostering and Retention

Dr. Rhodes, Donna Cherry, Ph.D. and John Orme, Ph.D. gave a workshop on research with the CFFA tools at the 2009 Conference of the Foster Family-Based Treatment Association.
Download workshop slides and a list of publications about the CFFA.


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