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It is hard to imagine a relationship as exciting--or as challenging--as our romantic partnership. Balancing individuality with togetherness, negotiating needs, and facing stresses together can be difficult . Couples come to counseling with me with the following problems.
  • Frequent arguements
  • Loss of emotional or sexual spark
  • Feeling taken for granted
  • Infidelity
  • Not feeling heard or respected
  • Pre-marital counseling
  • Continuing to co-parent through divorce
These and other common issues often respond well to couples or relationship counseling.

In addition to specific issues, many couples benifit from improved communications and conflict management skills. Learning to shortcut arguments, to listen respectfully, to voice one's real needs, to see the other's perspective, to express respect and appreciation...Skills like these break many apparent logjams. They may save marriages and relationships.

It is common that one person in a relationship wants psychotherapy but believes "My partner would never agree to that."

It is helpful to have both partners come to counselingfor any relationship. But it only takes one to change the relationship or the marriage.

Time and again a partner has been surprised to discover that he or she has the power to change the relationship just by changing hior or her own actions and reactions.

It is also common for the reluctant partner to refuse to come at first but later to decide that he or she does not want to be "left out" of counseling.

Marital and couples psychotherapy has the potential to help couples.
  • End chronic arguments
  • Recover intimacy
  • Restore trust
  • Rebuild respect and appreciation
  • Get your needs met
Many people regard a healthy love relationship to be life's most valuable asset. Few things are so important to long-term health and happiness.

Sometimes couples psychotherapy is the best thing we can give to our relationship, our marriage, and ourselves.

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